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Medical Services we offer!
Medical Service
Skin Cancer Checks & Surgeries
Iron Infusions
Implanon Insertions & Removals
Wound Dressings
Ear Syringing
Wedge Resections
Care Plans
Health Assessments

Women’s Health
Pap smears,
Women’s Health Checks

Other services that we can help you with include:
• Skin care
• Contraception consults
• Antenatal and postnatal care
• Menopause
• Weak pelvic floor and more

Men’s Health
• Skin care
• Skin cancer checks and surgeries
• General wellbeing
• Prostate check
• Treating and managing any sexual, psychological and physical problems

Skin Cancer check and treatment
Skin cancer often goes un-noticed, as it can appear in different shapes and in places that are difficult to see.
By getting your skin checked at least once a year, you will be taking the first step in finding skin cancer in an early stage.
Skin cancers are almost 100% preventable if it’s found at an early stage. A majority of moles freckles are harmless, but best to have them checked often for any unusual signs.
Most skin cancer is caused from Sun exposure
Skin cancer comes in many shapes and forms. Most oddly shaped moles or freckles are not a cause for concern. But If you have any that you are concerned book in with one of our GP’s for a Skin Check.
If our GP’s is concerned about any Skin Cancers, they will remove them and send them off to be tested through our pathology (Western Diagnostics), this procedure does involve a cost for consumables which reception or the Doctor would advise before the procedure.

Children’s Health Checks
WWe enjoy watching the community growing and that’s brings a smile to our faces.

We have highly trained, child friendly nurses available for your child’s required immunisations.

Iron Infusion’s
An Iron infusion is a procedure where iron is delivered to your body intravenously (IV- Through the vein via a cannula)
Iron infusions are prescribed by GP’s to treat Iron deficiency.
The deficiency is typically treated with dietary changes and iron supplements that you take in pill or liquid form.
In some cases, doctors may recommend iron infusions instead.
You may require an IV infusion if you:
• can’t tolerate iron by mouth
• can’t absorb iron through the gut
• can’t absorb enough iron due to blood loss
• need to increase iron levels fast to avoid medical complications or blood transfusions
Our Iron Infusions are done in our clinic by one of our GP’s and Practice Nurse’s and typically take anywhere from 40mins – 60 mins, prior to your infusion you must obtain a script from one of our GP’s and purchase your Iron from a Pharmacy, our consults are 100% bulk billed but it does however involve a $110.00 fee for consumables.

Chronic disease management
Chronic disease definitions do vary, but our definition of chronic disease is any health complaint that may bother you for a long time and you can’t find a solution for it. If this sounds like your situation then go no further than Jupiter Health Spearwood. We offer comprehensive history taking, investigation ordering, understanding and a feeling of what you are going through and to work toward a better quality of life by managing your condition/s.

Allergy and Asthma
Autumn, spring, winter or all year long your allergies and asthma can fluctuate and here at Jupiter Health Spearwood we understand your needs and we are here to help and will provide you with a written action plan so you can take it home, to school or work.

Aged care
With population age increasing, we understand that looking after the elderly people is a must. With understanding how delicate their physical and mental state is, we offer the help with disabled access, instant INR, no out of pocket cost for anything including driving license assessment and minor surgeries, and comprehensive annual health check, and we have just introduced over 65 year old dementia health assessment.
Acute critical care and minor injuries. With our flexibility and wide range of opening hours we are sure to have one of our doctors to tend you as soon as possible.

Pathology collection centre
Western Diagnostic supply a superb bulk-billing service for all Medicare rebatable test items in our practice.

Doctors Bookings

Phoenix Shopping Centre,

Shop T1, 254 Rockingham Road,

Corner of Lancaster Streett &, Burgundy Cres,

Spearwood WA 6163

(Next Door to ALDI Spearwood)

Telephone: 0894340100      Fax number: 0894340199


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